Payless Fools Influencers With Fake High End Pop Up

You read that correctly. Payless, a shoe store known for trendy shoes for less, has become sort of forgotten in the world of online retail and quick shipping options. The retailer invited a group of influencers out for a VIP shopping experience at “Palessi” and got their take on the “luxury” footwear they were purchasing.

“I would pay $400 or $500,” a woman says in a TV ad, holding a pair of $19.99 sneakers. Another shopper calls the Payless shoes “elegant and sophisticated.” (CNN)

What turned out to be a social experiment even went as far as creating a chic website and coordinating Instagram account. Have to make it believable right? Payless wanted to show that low cost shoes can be fashionable, had event goers spending hundreds on shoes and boots. They revealed they refunded the money back to the shoppers.

Image Credit: Payless

What do you think? Does this make you want to run out to Payless?

Article Credit: CNN

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