Diva Chronicles 2018 Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts for Tea Lovers

The Christmas holiday is two weeks away and gift giving can be nerve-racking. Let the Diva Chronicles Gift Guides make things a little easier.

Tea Set

Image Credit: Vitraaze

Gift a tea set that matches the style of the person receiving it.

Vintage Tea Kettle

image 0

Image Credit: Passed by Vintage

This is the perfect gift for those who are both tea enthusiasts and collectors.

Tea Subscription Service

Image result for loose leaf tea

Image Credit: True Brew

There are subscription boxes for most things these days, and teas ate no exception. Companies such as Sips By, Simple Loose Leaf Tea, and Tea Box are just a couple to choose from.

Tour of Tea Shop

assorted jars on blue shelf cabinets
Most tea lovers will enjoy getting a behind the scenes peek into how teas are made. Check your local listings to see who offers tours in your area.

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