Diva Chronicles Magazine Letter from Diva-in-Chief

Happy Holidays from Diva Chronicles Magazine!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays Everyone!

I have purchased on a couple of gifts this holiday season and I haven’t asked for any. I have grown to view the time to rest and recharge and spend time with family and close friends as the ultimate gifts. To be honest, I am beyond excited to be able to catch up on sleep since the holiday shopping hours are wonky anyway. Sleep is such a precious gift, LOL!

Many use the year end to reflect on everything that has happened that year and plan for new endeavors for the new year. I am happy to say I am glad one of the biggest changes took place on November 12, 2018 when Diva Chronicles relaunched. I hope you’ve been enjoying the changes this far and I hope you’re looking forward to reading and commenting along in the new year! I know there is so much going on in the country and abroad that can bring forth a wave of emotions that can just leave you exhausted. My holiday wish is that you choose to hug your loved ones ( related by blood or not) a little tighter, tell them you love them a little more, and just take a step back and revel in the love that surrounds you.

Happy Holidays!

With Love,


Diva-in-Chief, Diva Chronicles Magazine

The lifestyle and culture digital destination you now know as Diva Chronicles, explores fashion, beauty, tech, women's issues, health and wellness through the lens of the modern, contemporary woman.

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