These Tiny Houses Will Make You Rethink That Mansion of Your Dreams!

Despite many predictions, the tiny house movement isn’t going anywhere. Over the past decade, they have evolved with the emergence of tiny house builders and an increase in popularity thanks to our friend the internet. Some cities and non-profits have even adopted tiny houses as an affordable housing alternative and as a way to combat homelessness. TheDiva Chronicles community is totally #teamtinyhouse and wanted to share some chic tiny houses for inspirations just in case you were on the fence about going tiny.



Ms. Gypsy Soul Tiny House


Video Credit:Ms. Gypsy Soul

Joshua Tree Tiny House by Kim Lewis


Video Credit: Lovely Tiny House

Teacher Goes Tiny


Video Credit: Relax Shacks


Denali Tiny House


Video Credit: Tiny House Listings

The Entertaining Abode


Video Credit:Tiny House Listings

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