Shop These 7 Affordable Frames from Zenni Optical

Eyewear has become more than function. It now includes a bit of fun and fashion. Notable names such as Oprah (who seems to have a pair for every outfit) and Elaine Welteroth have not shied away from wearing their spectacles for appearances and red carpets. Eyeglasses now come in bold shapes and colors at all price ranges. One of our favorite retailers is Zenni Optical that offers affordable eyeglasses and sunglasses. They even offer add-ons such as custom temple engraving, lens upgrades, and various tint color options. Check out these frames below if you are in need of an eyewear refresh!

Bold Blue

sku-2016716 eyeglasses front view

Shop here.


Two-Toned Statement

sku-262024 eyeglasses front view

Shop here.


Flirty Floral

sku-2018723 eyeglasses front view

Shop here.


Showstopping Cat-Eye

sku-4412615 eyeglasses front view

Shop here.


Summertime Yellow

sku-124122 eyeglasses front view

Shop here.


Terrific Teal

sku-124116 eyeglasses front view

Shop here.


Firecracker Red

sku-124118 eyeglasses front view


Find the perfect pair for you at Zenni Optical.

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