Fanm Djanm’s Velvet Turban Collection

I love wearing turbans! They’re so easy! Wear them on a rainy day, bad hair days, cold days for extra warmth, or dress them up for date nights or nights out with the girls. The possibilities are endless. One indie shop offers beautiful adornments for the hair. Fanm Djanm offers headwraps for every occasion, but recently released a collection of luxe velvet headwraps. The beautiful jewel-toned accessories offer a more formal option. They can even be worn with evening gown when styled right. Take a look at the velvety wraps below.


lightroom edits-0017 (1).jpg                                        Amethyst Velvet Turban- Fanm Djanm


lightroom edits-0049 (1).jpg Emerald Green Turban-Fanm Djanm

lightroom edits-0005.jpg Ruby Velvet Turban-Fanm Djanm

5Z2A2701.jpg Smokey Quartz Velvet Turban-Fanm Djanm


Shop more accessories at Fanm Djanm

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