Small Business Spotlight: The Lip Bar Opens Flagship Store in Detroit, Michigan

The Lip Bar, a woman-owned and cruelty-free beauty brand founded by Melissa Butler, has opened a brick and mortar location in her hometown of Detroit, Michigan. Melissa has been nurturing her brand for years. She began making the now coveted lipsticks out of her own kitchen. She appeared on Bethanny Frankel’s namesake talk show and became most notable by her highly talked about episode of Shark Tank. She walked away insulted by one of the Sharks and without a deal. However, bigger deals were to come. The Lip Bar is now sold in Target and now at the newly opened flagship store!


The Lip Bar

The Lip Bar

Congrats to Melissa and The Lip Bar team on such an amazing accomplishment.  We have witnessed on national television what most do not get to see when looking at business owners and that is when someone with power and industry knowledge counts you out, don’t count yourself out. She persevered and landed in a mega-retailer after a huge blow. Her time was coming and so is yours. Keep pushing!

Check out more from The Lip Bar here.

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