Diva’s Quick Tips: 6 Things That Are Taken for Granted but Will Help You Stand Out on the Job

Yes, they seem so simple. They should be a given, but largely aren’t.


people coffee meeting team
Photo by Startup Stock Photos on Pexels.com
  1. Show Up On Time…All the Time

Take responsibility for how you use your time and your colleagues’ and boss’s time. You are expected to be on time yes, but how many people actually show up to work, meetings, etc on time. Be the one who is there on time, at all times to show you how dependable you are. You may start receiving extra little tasks as a test to see how you handle them. Then they’ll get larger and larger mainly because you’re the only one there to receive them.

2. Keep Your Word

“You’ll have it by end of the day.” It’s said often but is there follow through? Do what you say you’re going to do as often as possible. If something comes up, communicate it, with another time. Don’t give anyone a reason to question your work ethic.


3. Stay Organized

Documents can easily pile up. We all don’t have the freedom of creating a filing system that works best for us. Some companies have a standard system across the board either for internal reasons or to abide with certain laws and regulations. Whether, it is one you created or one you have to follow, staying organized and up to date.


4. Ask Questions, but Also Hunt for Answers

If you are completely unaware of something, it is okay to ask questions. It is also okay to hunt for the answer amongst documentation, your peers, or the internet too. Most managers are okay with questions when you obviously hit a wall, what annoys them is when it is blatant you made no attempt to find the information yourself.


5. Working Well Together Does Not Mean You Have to be Friends

There will be times when you have to collaborate on a project, whether it is short or long term. This partnership may be with someone that you clash with on a personal level. Put that aside and get the job done. Not meshing with someone will be a constant that shows up throughout your working career. Finding friends in the workplace is an added bonus to the job, but not a requirement. Collaboration is the requirement.


6. Speak Up When Necessary

Always be professional when speaking up about something you are passionate about or correct about.  If there comes a time to speak up for yourself or your position, be firm and do it tactfully. Also, be prepared to back yourself up. Always be professional and never give anyone a reason to cast a bad light on your reputation. Speaking up does not have to mean loud and disruptive. In addition, learn how to recognize instigative behavior and put a stop to is before it interferes with your role.

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