5 Women Owned Subscription Box Companies You Should Know!

1.Curl Box by Myleik Teele

Curl Box is a monthly subscription service catering to women with ethnic hair. You can find pacakages from big name brands in the box for a fraction of what you’ll pay grabbing them off the shelves. Curl box has branched off to launch specialty boxes such as Curl Box Natural, Curl Box Kids, Curl Box Skin, and Curl Box Platinum.

2 . Can’t Clutch This by Kelly Mindell of Studio DIY

As you likely have guessed, Can’t clutch this is a subscription clutch service. They’ve recently released straps to go with all the clutches and wristlets. You can also add flair with your monthly purchase which are keychains or pins that match that month’s clutch.

3. Oui Fresh by Elsie and Emma of A Beautiful Mess

Oui Fresh is a monthly beauty box that specializes in clean products and partners with indie companies that are often women owned.

4.Curl Kit by Heather Cummings

Curl Kit is another hair based monthly service that caters to multicultural hair textures.

5. Scentbird by Mariya Nurislamova

Scentbird is a monthly subscription for fragrance lovers. They’ll take a interactive quiz to determine your fragrance preferences and will give recommendations based on the choices.

If you know of more, let us know!

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  1. crypticcriticchan says:

    Aw, that was so interesting! I had no idea that there were boxes for multicultural hair as well, that’s pretty creative and thoughtful. Thanks for the list, I will definitely check some of these out!


  2. Yes, glad to be able to inform!


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