Beauty News: Beauty Blender’s Bounce Foundation

Beauty Blender has launched their new Bounce Foundation! The bottle is made to use with the brand’s signature sponge and serves as a compact palette. See them it in action!

They even offer darker shades as per Kahlana Barfield Brown’s Instagram.

The Bounce foundation retails for $40.

According to Beauty Blender, Bounce foundation is:

A weightless, full-coverage foundation in 40 shades that easily blends for a flawless finish and a revolutionary bare-skin feel. The whipped liquid glides and bounces easily so it never looks cakey or fake- no matter how little or how much you layer on. Never chalky or lifeless, the velveteen matte finish has a multidimensional effect, like naturally gorgeous, healthy skin. The lightweight, buildable formula addresses not just tone but also skin texture so your complexion looks smooth and even. Skin looks picture perfect- IRL and on-screen for up to 24 hours.”

Shop this product and more at Beauty Blender.

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