Travel Blogger, Gloria Atanmo Bravely Tells her Experience of Having and Removing an Ovarian Cyst

Image Credit: The Blog Abroad

Gloria Atanmo, or “Glo” , as she is commonly called, is a travel blogger and has been documenting her experiences at the places she’s been for the past several years. She shares her sometimes unique experiences of traveling while black, a woman, and alone. All of which she details on her blog aptly named, The Blog Abroad. Her latest post was different. She wasn’t telling us about her latest locale, about the cuisine or the cheap mani/pedis. She took us back and time to tell us what she’s been hiding, what she’s been suffering through, and ultimately was liberated from. Not without pain, literal and metaphorical.

She, like many women was living with an ovarian cyst. Cysts, were are told are common, especially of you are at childbearing age. They come and go. Her doctor told her the same. Hers did not go away. It kept growing. It got so big to the point people assumed she was pregnant. Which is commonly the case for many women with cysts and fibroids. Gloria waited until she couldn’t deal with the pain anymore before she sought help which stemmed from a combination of pride, denial, fear, and the ingrained teachings from our youth that tell us we have to quietly endure so much.

Her story will not be retold here as she so beautifully told it on her own website. We share to bring awareness that if you too are suffering from this condition or one similar, you are not alone. It is only to check in with yourself from time to time. We are the only ones living in our body and it tells us when something it wrong. We are no less of women for taking time off to heal.

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