5 Instagram Accounts You Should Follow

Because they do Instagram differently.

1. Br00klyn Betty

Follow for colorful tomboy chic fashion inspo, dry humor with bits of travel sprinkled in. Also, if you are a sneakerhead.

2. Aureta

Follow if you love fashion, travel, food, and art.

3. Muff and Maal Eats

Follow if you love travel, info and reviews on the best eats across the world. This brother and sister duo has you covered. Food Network, what are you waiting on?!

4. Budget Bytes

Follow for a variety of budget friendly, time saving recipes and meal prep ideas. There’s even something for vegetarians and vegans.

5. Fumi’s Fashion and Beauty

Mature YouTubers and influencers are far in between. When I say mature, I mean those in their late 40’s and early 50’s. Fumi has such a vibrant personality, and being a former model and actress, she offers fashionable advice you rarely get from the fashion and Beauty influencer community. Follow for fashion, beauty, and sprinkles of her experiences as a new mom.

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