Diva’s Quick Tips: Why You Shouldn’t Focus on Just Natural vs Synthetic When it Comes to Your Personal Care Products

I think it is safe to say we all want our personal care products to not leave us with itchy rashes, breakouts, and discomfort. In light of this, many (more like millions) have moved towards natural products. The term natural is still loosely defined, but in the thos article, it means products that can be found in nature and not chemically altered and not 100% synthetic.

1. Natural Does Not Always Mean Better

Natural products can be very potent, even in small amounts and if not handled properly, the side effects will outweigh the benefits. Yet, there are benefits to using some substances in their natural form. Be wary of looking at anything natural as safe and won’t cause harm.

2. Pay Attention to All Ingredients

If you have sensitive skin, look out for adverse reactions to all ingredients, natural or synthetic. A raw, uncontrolled version of a natural product can cause a severe breakout just like a synthetic would. Its is all about balance and doing your due diligence and finding out credible info on whatever it is you’re using.

3. Don’t Run from Synthetics

Lab made or ingredients heavily modified in a laboratory setting have gotten a bad rap as whole over the past decade or so as the natural product boom was hitting. This is due to a combination of aggressive marketing by companies gearing consumers towards their new natural product lines, poorly publicized and misunderstood scientific studies, and legitimate cases. However, when you think about how an entire rosewood tree is cut down to extract oil from it’s trunk, we must ask ourselves is it worth it when and if there is a synthetic alternative that is just as effective.

4. Think of the Implications

As stated before, the increased demand for natural products has led to the over harvesting of vegetation which is causing companies to take a more sustainable approach to product formulation. Meaning, they are using more synthetic products where as about 10 -15 years ago, that is what they were doing anyway. The good that came from this is that now they know the public is holding them accountable for producing safe and effective products.

5. Use as Directed

This cannot be stressed enough. It is a bad habit of consumers and it is a probably everyone has been guilty of it at some point. Gel-creams hit the market after companies learned their customers we mixing their cream products with the gels ones. The general public heavily influences the marmet and often. This has been a problem when trying to educate them on the importance of using a product as it was intended. However, many negative results come from not using the products as intended.

This article is not meant to steer you in one direction or the other. After all, the final choice is yours. What we aim to do is to ensure we do our part and ensure you have accurate, non biased information.

Some creditable sources where you can learn more about personal care products are below. They are ran and updated by those in the industry who make and regulate personal care products.


2. FDA (CFR 21, Part 700 Subparts A-G)

3. Chemists Corner

4. Perfumer and Flavorist

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