Diva’s Quick Tips: How to Incorporate Reusable Shopping Bags into Your Lifestyle

Ever thought about making the switch to reusable shopping bags, but don’t know where to start? Here are a few ways you can get started. Happy shopping!



1. Start with What You Have

Most of us have tote bags lying around from conferences we’ve been to or gifts with purchases. Start with those and see how the material and size works for you before buying new ones.

2. Tray Half and Half

The reusable bags at the cash wrap at the grocery store aren’t usually that great, but you can also start with those. Ask the cashier to replace one or two or half of your groceries with the reusable bags to get yourself started. Be careful, they usually have a small fee attached.

3. Keep them in Your Car

A common statement people make when going out shopping is they always forget to bring their totes with them. Keep them in your trunk of your car or by the door you use most often in your house so you can easily remember to grab it. Ladies, keep a small one rolled up in your purse or work bag and gents, you can keep one in your crossbody or briefcase.

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