Weekend Links

Happy Friday Divas and Gents. Dropping some interesting links to kick off your weekend.

1. These wooden bracelet sets are so cute! They come in three different colorways offering both neutral tones with a pop of color.

2. Can’t wait to see this movie and this one too.

3. Loving these art pieces !

4. This brand is having a sale. May not be something we want, but we need it.

5. Been into these type of videos as of late.

6. After watching this video, you realize that humans aren’t the only beings with conflict in the world. It is also very humbling to be reminded their are beings living around you

7. Need this in blue please and you!

8. This jumpsuit is a perfect alternative to a dress for summer weddings and other events.

9. Definitely saved this recipe to try later.

10. Time flies. We wrote about this book back in January, now the release is so close. It is available June

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