Body Language and Verbal Signals Men Need to Look and Hear for When Approaching Women

Bottom line, respect women.

This article was going to go in an another direction until the video below surfaced. Part it remains as the information is very important. The main point: leave women alone who reject your advances. The video below is one of many encounters women go through. It is dangerous, but unnecessary. Men, share and discuss with your friends. This behavior is. It okay.

There is a reason women travel in groups. The number one reason is safety. We are taught this from a young age. I’m sure you’ve noticed the pairs, triplets, or more of women who even travel to the bathroom even together. We were taught this from when we were young girl. Groups are harder to attack or kidnap. They also provide witnesses. This is not to say all men are inherently violent, but women can’t tell who is or who isn’t just by looking. Women’s intuition plays a big part in using discernment, but our pack like behavior is an extra layer of protection.

So you see a women alone, that extra layer of protection goes away. You approach her, and she probably doesn’t even slow her pace. Is it what your wearing or your looks? Maybe. Or it could be location. Are you potentially blocking her only exit? Is it crowded, dimly lit, or a sketchy location? Can someone hear her of she calls for help? You may not be thinking of these things, but she is. Her defenses are up and she can’t afford to let them down, even if you do seem nice.

Here are 5 things to look for when approaching women:

1. Does she look like she is in a hurry? Does she have a determined look on her face? If so this may not be a good time to approach. If you do, and she doesn’t slow down, let her go. Do not follow her around badgering her for attention.

2. Is she keeping a safe distance from you? If so, her guard is up. If you try to close it and get closer and she keeps retreating, respect her personal space. She is creating a “safe zone.”

3. Catching her off guard when alone is not a good idea. Don’t run or jog towards a women.

4. Her bestie may seem like a hater when she comes to scoop her away at a party, chances are she signaled for an out.

5. If she says leave her alone, leave her alone. Don’t stalk, make verbal or physical threats or intimidate women into paying you attention. We don’t owe you our time.

Watch this very real video below of how not to interact with a woman you find interesting. Luckily, for this woman, she got away safely. Many aren’t so lucky.

Warning: Profane language

Video Credit: Chrissy’s Way

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