5 Free Game Apps to Exercise Your Brain

I’m sure we’ve all read by now how puzzles keep our brains sharp. In the world of phones, tablets, and constant streaming, that is proving harder to do. However, app stores offer free games galore. It’s all about choosing the ones that are both fun and good rain exercise. Here are five free games that are in my phone right now that I use as both entertainment and brain exercise.

1. Woody Puzzle

If you like Tetris, you’ll like Woody Puzzle. The only thing is that the pieces don’t fall and you place them yourself from the bank below. How many pieces and you make clear the board at one time, yet keep the game going? It is not a simple as it looks. It makes you think. I’m constantly trying to beat my highest score.

2. Block! Hexa Puzzle!

Another puzzle game, but with shapes. Use the shapes to complete the board. You have to choose the correct configuration and placement to fill the board. You may also not use all of the pieces given. Good way to pass the time.

3. Word Trip

If you like word puzzles then try Word Trip. It’s the classic game of trying to pull as many words as you can from the man in words given. You may even learn some new words to add to your lexicon.

4. Connect 4

You have to have a few classics and Connect Four must always be in my arsenal. I love it because if you get too comfortable, you can lose. This game never gets old!

5. Trivia 360

Create a nickname and choose an avatar and test your general knowledge on everything from pop culture, international landmarks, to geography.

Be sure to comment on what games you recommend to exercise your brain.

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