6 Reasons to Support Small Businesses in Your City

This time of year I am sure you are flooded with the back to school ads, commercials, and signage. That is because the summer is winding down and if you are from my hometown, the summer is over. The kiddos headed back to school today! If you haven’t started or completed your shopping yet, let me encourage you to add a few small businesses to your list. Investing in them can really boost your local economy and eventually, you’ll see the return on your investment in various forms. Here are 6 reasons why you should patronize the small businesses in your area, not just for the beginning of the school year, but year-round.

  1. They Often Donate to the Local School System

Sure, it is nice to geta check from the big corporate donor. However, so many people are vying for them that the donations are not as consistent as they would be if a small business donated their time or resources in the form of employees, money, or building. This is because they are more accessible and many of the owners have children in the same area, so they are equally invested as you are.

Photo by Ekrulila on Pexels.com

2. They Often Live in the Community In Which They Serve

Which means they want to see if thrive and are often involved in city legislation to help it progress.

3. They Will Likely Be Around for Generations

When a local business if around for a few decades, they are doing their part to add stability to the local economy. The mainstream retailers come and go, but many mom and pop shops continue to hold on. By supporting them, you are helping to keep those gems around for your children and grandchildren when they get older.

4. They are Easily Accessible

There are no 1-800 numbers you have to call then wait on for seemingly forever if you have a problem, or if you just want to simply thank them for their service. More often than not, the owner is right there working or not too far away.

5. The Product is Higher Quality

Whether it is a maker of leather goods, personal care products, or baked goods, the product tends to be made in house and with quality materials and ingredients. It is easier to trace the origin of the finished product.

6. Small Businesses Often Support Other Small Businesses

Whether it is the local coffee shop using the hometown print shop for their cups, or the clothing store selling accessories made by a local jeweler, they are doing their part to strengthen ties within the community.

What are some other reasons to support small businesses? Let’s keep the conversation going!

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