Diva’s Quick Tips: How I Try to Prevent Lupus Flares During Seasonal Changes

1. Pain Medication

I have been prescription medication free for four years now, but I still ensure I keep OTC meds on hand when I have aches that rest, a warm bath, and/or heating pad can’t mitigate.

2. Layers

I had less severe flares over the years and I believe much of it is due to wearing layers. I remember one fall, at a friend’s house, I sat near an open window letting a cool breeze into the room because when you have company over, it gets hot. I sat there a few minutes too long and payed for it the next morning. My shoulders were killing me! I now have amassed a small lightweight scarf collection and I have a wrap I keep at my desk at work.

Wearing flesh toned nylon knee highs under my pants help a ton. They’re so thin, but that little barrier works wonders. My mind is still blown. I’m also sure to wear socks or keep my feet covered around the house.

3. Be Mindful of New Activities

I admit, I have spurts where I get a litte adventurous. Doing a new activity that would cause me to put moe stress on my body than normal has sometimes cause my body into a flare. Therefore, If I decide to continue on, I usually take pain meds before hand and prepare to rest afterwards as not to overdo it.

4. Don’t Ignore Your Body’s Warning Signs

It is easy for friends and family to forget you have lupus sometimes because there aren’t always physical indictators you have an autoimmune disease. Those of us with lupus can get fatigued more quickly then others even if we don’t look like it. If you don’t want to participate in something tat you know will trigger a flare later, that is okay. My triggers are mild stiffness, soreness, and acute pain that I will know will be a full on flare if I don’t tackle it fast. Fortunately, I’m ssurrounded by a good network of people who check in on me and respect the fact I have to make modifications in our shared activities to preserve my health. It wasn’t always like this and there have been people who’ve make snarky comments. They aren’t my accountability ppartners nor are they still in my close in circle. Surround youself with those that respect you, in all aspects.

5. Incorporate Holistic Pain Relievers

In addition to OTC meds, I keep a heating pad and mint tea on hand to help with aches. Heat in general eases pain. Whether it is in the form of a bath, compress, or small space heater. Just remember to keep warm.

Disclaimer: This is not medical advice nor meant to substitute the instructions from your physician. This is only meat to be supplemental information based on my own experiences. Please consult with your pphysician before deviating from your medical plan.

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