Product Highlight: Black Radiance Perfect Tone Lip Gloss, “Coco”

Holy grail product don’t always have to require tour calling on a higher power to save your bank account. Some products are so inexpensive, you can’t believe they’re that good. One of these of the Perfect Tone Lip Gloss by Black Radiance.

Black Radiance is an affordable drugstore brand owned by Markwins International, the same company that owns Wet n Wild. Both brands share similar price points. However, Black Radiance has a $3, yes T-H-R-E-E dollar lip gloss that is one of my favorite nude lip products. It’s perfect for darker skinned women of color to get the that MLBB (my lips but better) look.

Top Swatch: Directly from tube.

Bottom Swatch: Blended into skin.


Unfortunately, you can’t get everything you want for three bucks and that includes that name of the gloss on the tube. It is called “Coco,” but you’d have to read the display for that. You can find it wherever most drug store priced cosmetics are sold as well as Black

Happy Shopping!

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