Places to Try: Eggs Up Grill

This past weekend while socializing with old classmates at my alma mater’s homecoming (The UNSINKABLE Albany State University), my friends and I decided fuel up at one of the hot spots before hitting the yard (“yard” means campus). We wanted to go somewhere we’ve never tried. All the good reviews of Eggs Up Grill convinced us enough to try.

The menu had a variety of options for diverse diets. I’m an accidental almost pescatarian (more on that in the future) and wanted a filling option tha didn’t include chicken, beef, or pork. Therefore, I went for the veggie stirt fry omelette with the addition of ccheese as turkey bacon (don’t know how pescatarian that is) with a side of raisin toast and a fruit bowl. Of course, I had coffee.

My gal pals ordered the “Biscuit-Wich” which is comprised of a sausage patty, egg and cheese in betweven the fluffy layers of a biscuit. It came with a aide of gravy and potatoes. The other dish was scrambled eggs, turkey bacon, potatoes, and wheat toast. I can attest that there were no complaints about th food at the table.

Admittedly, I’m a coffee novice. I grew up on hot tea and have only been drinking coffee for a few years, so my palate isnt5as refined and most. However, I did enjoy the coffee as well.

The service was quick, despite having a full house and the wait stafdand management were pleasant.

If you’re in town, stop by Eggs Up Grill. They also have locations across Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina.


2818 Old Dawson Road

Albany, GA 31707

Website: Eggs Up Grill

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