Diva’s Guide to Beauty: Products that Prevent Sweating in Your Makeup

In short, there are none, and you don’t want them.  Trust me.


today, I’m tackling a subject I don’t think gets discussed enough and that is makeup and sweating. It better yet, is there a makeup product that can stop you from sweating?

 The topic came to me as I was recording a first impressions video on InstaStories. My nose tends to bubble with sweat daily, especially when I put on makeup. I’m not hot, but my nose will sweat on it’s own and the rest of my face will be dry. I have oily skin and lean towards matte formulas. On this particular day, I had sweat bubbles on my nose and my lip, but my makeup was as still matte. How, you ask? Sweating is not the same as oil secretion.

Our bodies sweat to excrete waste and regulate our body temperature. We release sweat via sweat glands. Sebum, or oil, is released via sebaceous glands, and functions to lubricate the skin. This is why your matte foundation and be flawlessly applied and still have sweat beads. Matte formulas target the oil (for a while), not sweat. 

You want your body to function normally even with makeup applied. Do you really want to overheat for a bomb beat? Let your body do it’s  job. I know it isn’t cute or convenient, but I have an easy fix or three.



1. Cool Yourself Down

If you’re face is sweating, your body has beat your to the process of trying to cool itself down. I stand in front of a cool fan to allow the sweat the evaporate.

2. Don’t Apply More Products

Because you’ll end up looking cakey when you DO cool down. Refer to Number 1.

3. Don’t Wipe Sweat Away

Because you’ll also be wiping your makeup off. Again, refer to Number 1. If must, use a clean brush or napkin to gently absorb the sweat. 

Technically, I guess there is something that can help combat sweating while wearing makeup: AIR!



This content originally appeared in a September 2018 article on Diva Chronicles.

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