Diva’s Quick Tips: My #LivingwithLupus Wintertime Precautions

1. Layer Up

Image Credit: @jackieunfiltered_

I live in the south and even though some days are milder than others, I still make sure I have on proper layers. These include, but aren’t limited to scarves (yes, that is plural because I sometimes double up), a proper coat (one that goes past my knees), gloves, hat, and thick socks.

I get little comments from people who likely mean well and are making light conversation about how bundled up I am. Little do they know, this is all to not only prevent getting a cold, the flu, or pneumonia, but to prevent a flare. Because if I get sick, I am down for a while.

2. Heating Pads

Sometimes, I do feel a little tight and achy, but not enough to take medicine. The heat is so soothing to achy joints. I just sit back and relax and let the heat do it’s work. Small space heaters and heated blankets are also good options.

3. Stay Warm

Image Credit: @elisehendricks

In general, I like to stay warm. Temperature shifts can induce a flare, so I like to stay warm and comfortable. I keep it warmer than most would prefer for themselves, but it works for me. I would suggest a keeping your home a temperature warm enough for according to your personal preferences, have a space heater at your desk (if allowed), a light jacket or shawl to drape over you while you work, and avoiding being near a steady stream of cool air.

I made the mistake of sitting next to an open window one time at a friend’s gathering during the wintertime and woke up with sore shoulders. I definitely learned my lesson.

4. Take Your Meds

This is probably the most important tip. While I support holistic approaches and use a few remedies myself, I also take my medicine as prescribed. I have been fortunate to have been medication free for a few years at one point, but was not shocked when I was told by my doctor that I would have to resume my regimen. Medication is often a part of having an autoimmune disease, and even though it is not my preference, I take it. I ensure I am well informed of my options for my health and my lifestyle.

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