How to Choose the Perfect for You Planner

I was introduced to planning as a kid. It was middle school, actually, when I got my first planner. We called them “agendas” back then, and they were mandatory. It was a lesson in self-accountability that we were being taught. We had to write our homework assignments, project due dates, and it served as our hall pass. To ensure we kept up with our documentation, they were checked weekly. From then on, I always had a mini calendar/planner with me. It wouldn’t be until college that I would heavily rely on a planner again. As an adult, I became more decisive when I embarked on my yearly planner mission. I would stand in the aisle and flip through the ever-growing assortment of little books that were designed to keep us more organized. Now the planning and planners are a hot topic right now, I decided to give a few tips if you wanted to try out a planner for yourself. I know digital calendars and note apps are a thing (and I use those too), but I can always trust pen and paper. It never locks you out, lags, or erases all of your info with an update.

Let’s get to it!

  1. Why do you need a planner?Think about what is going on in your work and personal life that would cause you to have a “home” for all that you have going on and tailor your planner to
  2. Do you need prompts or blank spaces?Some people prefer guided planning or affirmations on the page. I don’t prefer any of those in favor of maximizing my writing space. I have large handwriting, so I like larger spaces to write in both the calendar and weekly format.
  3. Are pockets a must?If you tend to jot on post-it notes, collect business cards and brochures a lot like me, you may want to consider purchasing a planner with pockets.
  4. Do you plan to carry your planner?This will determine the size of your planner. I carry tote bags and satchels, so I ensure the size of my planner can fit inside the handbag I am currently carrying. However, others may prefer a desk-sized planner, Conversely, there are planners that can fit inside a coat pocket. Therefore, take the time to choose which size works best for your lifestyle.
  5. What do you care about the most, trends or function?Planning is popular and some types are very trendy and have a cult following. It is up to you if you want trend over function.


That’s it!

If you have any more tips on how to choose the perfect for you planner, please comment.

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