6 Women Who Chose Tiny Houses as Their Forever Homes

The tiny house nation has taken us by storm and I am completely on board. I’m actually entertaining the idea of getting a tiny house as my first permanent home. The word “tiny” is relative. I’ve seen floor plans range from 60 to 1000 square feet. Typically, anything under 1000 square feet is considered tiny as that was normally the minimum square footage for many housing codes. The ones on wheels, THOW (tiny house on wheels) are a few hundred square feet, with the 300 square foot range being on the large end.

The tiny house movement has largely been associated young white hipster millenial couples wanting a freer life or young guys wanting to live off the grid. More and more women are seen living in tiny THOW and they span age ranges and backgrounds. From the young woman who wanted to fo tiny but still have enough room to grade her school papers, the single mom who wanted a soace dor her and her daughter,to the middle age woman who wanted a forever home for when she was ready to retire. They have found ways to make going tiny work for them. Check them out below.

1. Jewel and the Ms. Gypsy Soul Tiny House

2. Brittany’s Cozy Tiny

Video Credit: Relax Shacks

3. Kim’s Chic Tiny House

4. Erin’s Fabulous Tiny fit for a Fashionista

5. Michelle’s Tiny House as a Forever Home for Retirement

6. Kari’s Modern Loft Free Tiny House

Video Credit: Living Big in a Tiny House

7. Shalina’s Tiny with Big Space for Her and Her Daughter

Video Credit: Living Big in a Tiny House
Feature Image: Build Tiny

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