Small Business Spotlight: Black Girl Sunscreen is the First Indie Black Woman Owned Suncare Brand in Target


If you follow Diva Chronicles on Instagram, then you’ve seen the post about how they’ll be some black history related content coming your way this month. Black owned brands are highlighted all year long here, but we’re ramping things up a bit.

Image Credit: Black Girl Sunscreen

Congratulations are in order to Shontay Lundy and her brand Black Girl Sunscreen for getting permant product placement at select Target locations. She is the first black woman owned indie suncare brand to hit their shelves. What is even better is she is located next to the big brands and at “eye level.” This is huge as product placement real estate reigns supreme in retailers. Here’s to hoping for middle of the aisle in the future! Also, black owned companies or products geared toward black people’s needs were historically all relegated to the same aisle regardless of product type.

Shontay started the brand to solve the problem many black men and women had after applying sunscreens from other brands. That problem waa an unattractive ghostly white cast. This left many foregoing sun protection all together and we all know it is needed. A quick exchange under our Instagram post congratulating the brand shows a reader asking if it leaves white residue. The issue is real for those of us with darker completions. The short answer is it doesn’t.

Black Girl Sunscreen is lightweight, doesn’t leave white reside, doesn’t feel heavy or sticky in the skin and is now more accessible than ever. Check out their website to see if they’re in Target stores near you.

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