DC Kids: Lip Gloss is for the Littles

Your little one may spot you or their older sibling (s) applying makeup and want to join in on the fun. For various reasons, you as the parent may tell then “not yet” or “wait until you’re sixteen.” Many Little Divas are allowed to wear lightweight sparkly glosses that fit easily into their pockets,  purses, or backpacks. Next time they ask for lipgloss, get them Lip Bar Littles.

Image result for lip bar littles

This three-piece lipgloss set is natural, sheer,  and has just the right amount of sparkle to keep littles applying and re-applying. It is geared towards those age 3-14.

Parents, you can snag it here, or Little Divas, if you have an allowance you can purchase it yourself. Remember to ask permission to use the internet. 🙂


Image Credit: The Lip Bar

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