The Honey Pot Co. Receives Backlash over Target Commercial White Women Alleged was Racist Only to Receive Overwhelming Support in Return

The Honey Pot Co. is a plant based feminine care product line founded by Bea Dixon. She was recently featured in a series of commercials by Target called “Founders We Believe In” that ran during Black History Month. During the thirty second clip, Dixon discusses ger company and the challenges she faced getting it off the ground. Her last statement is what sparked fury.

“The reason why it’s so important for Honey Pot to do well is so that the next black girl that comes up with a great idea, she can have a better opportunity. That means a lot to me.”

Then emerged a small group of white women who took this to mean that the product was only for black women and/or the founder only wanted black people to use her products. This mirrors a long standing mindset of whenever black people affirm themselves it must some how take away from their support of white people and their culture. This is a false narrative. Ms. Dixon simply stated she wanted to be an inspiration to young girls who look like her that will come after her. This is a powerful statement as a quick Google search will tell you black women are the fastest growing group of entrepreneurs yet the least funded demographic compared to other business owners.

Women who called the brand and owner racist took to the company’s Trust Pilot site to leave inflammatory negative reviews. Honey Pot is a feminine hygiene company, some reviewers didn’t even do their research before leaving reviews. They tried to disguise themselves as black women with comments such as “burned my nappy afro right off” and “I used it and now I’m sick.”

Then a beautiful thing happened. Black women and allies to the black community rallied around Honey Pot Co. and not only purchased from the brand but left positive reviews exclaiming their support. Some mentioned having purchased and loving the products in the past without even knowing who the owner was. Honey Pot Co’s sales doubled!

In light of the controversy, Target has turned off comments under their post with this video and Trust Pilot has a notice on Honey Pot Co.’s page with them informing everyone they have launched an investigation to the sudden influx of comments. Thank you to both companies for standing behind this Bea Dixon and the The Honey Pot Co.

Video Credit: Target
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