Diva’s Quick Tips: Hand Sanitizer Precautions with @thechemistdiva

By now you’re likely aware of the COVID-19 pandemic and and the coverage it is getting. Whenever there is a state of emergency, there are those who take advantage and those who try to be resourceful. The resourcefulness can have negative effects in this situation. With readily made hand santizer flying off the shelves, many are posting and selling their homemade santizers. The most common ones suggest rubbing alcohol as a sanitizing agent. While it has its beneficial properties (which is why we use it on minor cuts), it does not contain the same type of alcohol as hand sanitizer. Read then post by The Chemist Diva to learn why you should not attempt your to make your own sanitizer.

Hand sanitizer formulations go through rigourous testing to actually prove they can be claimed as an anti-microbial. A gas station owner was recently arrested for selling homemade sanitzer that resulted in chemical burns of a young child. We all know it is hard to get your hands on, but washing your hands should be the first step of prevention before using sanitizer.

Make sure you’re moisturizing your hands afterwards to avoid dryness ans cracked skin from the increased cleaning and friction from rubbing your hands together.

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