Start Your Day with Will Smith’s “Chill Beats” Playlist

Happy Monday Divas and Gents.

If you’re still working from home, you’re probably like me and trying to do whatever you can to stay productive with all that is going on. One of the things  I have to have to work is music. I cannot work in silence. I prefer “vibey” music to work to. These are tunes that are mellow and not too hard on the ear so it is easy to tune them out when I need to concentrate. Because of this, I actually “hear” the music off and on as I’m working. With that being said, many artists are sharing their talents as a way to get us through our quarantine lockdowns. Will Smith just published his “Chill Beats to Quarantine To” playlist and I’m already a fan. In fact, it is playing right now. If you want some new vibey tunes to work to, check it out below.


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