Let These Press on Nail Brands Save Your Mani During Quarantine

With only essential businesses remaining open during the COVID-19 pandemic, many have turned to doing their own nails at home. Some went all in and purchased drills, UV lamps and the works, while others stocked up on press on nails. A fan of press on nails before the shutdown, I think they are a great way to switch up your nail look in between visits or as a nail salon alternative altogether.

@creolebabybritt on Twitter curated an extensive list of press on nail companies for her followers. Head to her Twitter page for the exhaustive list. Some of them are featured below. She even gave tips on how to get the most wear out of your presd ons and how to apply them.

1.Lil Swing Nails

2. Dippy Cow Nails

3. Nailed by Cristy

4. The Nailest Co.

5. The Sassy Nail Studio

5. She’s Pressed

6. Claw Collective

7. Cheri Press Ons

8.Press on Nails by Helena Han

9. Kiss Press on Nails

If you want something more accessible, Kiss press on nails are available at drugstores, Walmart, and Target.

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