YouTube Influencer, Jackie Aina, Calls Out Brands Who Profit off of Black Culture for Remaining Silent Amid George Floyd’s Death

Influencer, Jackie Aina, is no stranger to advocating for black people and calling out brands for their lack of diversity and inclusion, especially in the beauty industry. In her latest Instagram Stories, she called out and tagged three brands: Revolve, Fashion Nova, and Pretty Little Thing. She cited those brands had a huge black customer base and used black culture and fashion aesthetics on their social media. She even accused them of using models that “blackfish.” A term coined for women who tan and use makeup and clothing appear black. She noted the importance of consuming black culture includes the good and the bad.So far only one of the aforementioned companies have reached out to Jackie.Update:05/30/20Jackie has announced she spoke with the CEO of Pretty Little Thing.She emphasized how she cannot do this work alone.This is a developing story, stay tuned for updates.

Image Credit: Jackie Aina’s Instagram and Twitter

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