UPDATE: #BlackOutTuesday Uncovered to be a Form of Digital Suppression by Activist Brittany Packnett Cunningham

This morning waves of people on Instagram posted blacked out photos on their feeds. Activist, Brittany Packnett Cunnigham, quickly expressed how she had her suspicions. As it turns out she was right. She posted this video on her Instagram to explain which campaign was read and which was not.

Thank you Brittany for uncovering this!

The following content was previously published circulating the now fake campaign #blackouttuesday that convinced many people and outlets, including Diva Chronicles, that it was real. This is in no way accusing Blavity of knowingly spreading a fake campaign.

Image Credit: Blavity News

Two Things to Note:

1. If you are black, this is not the day to be silent. Continue to speak on issues and post your regular content so you can be SEEN and HEARD.

2. Do not use #blm or #blacklivesmatter on social platforms as it will drown out important content that needs to be seen.


06/02/20, This content was updated to include the fake campign hashtag, #blackouttuesday.


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