Watch “Dietitian Answers Commonly Asked Questions About Going Vegan” on YouTube

While I am not trying to go vegan per se, I am looking for interesting plant based meal options to increase the vitamins and minerals I usually lack and take into account how my diet is impacting my allergies and autoimmune condition. I am not a big meat eater, but love seafood and fish. I imagine as I modify my diet, they will remain sparingly.

I appreciate this video as I gave me knowledgw my currebt researxh has yet to lead me, such as algae supplements for Omega -3’s. If you are on a lifestyle change like I am, I hope you will get some great info out of this as well.

Video Credit: Goodful YouTube.

Image Credit: @@delilahbisase

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  1. oliveunicorn says:

    I eat a mostly vegetarian diet, still have lean meats such a turkey, fish and chicken . But the past few years I’ve been increasing vegetables and grains .I think its really helped with my overall health and kept me at healthy weight. I still have to do small workouts like squats and such . But I get lazy lol tbh. I know one thing that helps is my location is pretty close to Mexico, so the produce is pretty inexpensive.


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