Diva’s Quick Tips: 4 Ways to Modify Your Wardrobe While on Your Weightloss Journey

Image Credit:Universal Standard

One of the most challengibg times a woman may experience is her weight loss journey. It can be filled with highs and lows both in weight and emotion. And to add to all of that, knowing how to dress your body during your own journey to a better you can add another layer of stress. I know because I am currently on my own path to a healthier me. Here are a few things I picked up along the way and will continue to implement until I reach my goal weight.

1. Shop Sales

Shop sales as much as possible. No need buy an item at full price when you don’t intend to stay that size. This doesn’t mean sacrifice quality.  Choose items that will be easy to get some money back for when it is time to purge your older clothing.

2. Elastic is Your Friend

I have soooo many elastic waist skirts now. A stretch in the waist allows you to have some fice as your weight fluctuates which also allows you to extend the wear.

Tip: While shopping, look for thick and durable feeling elastic waist bands that have a sturdy snap back as well as adjustable waist skirts and pants.

3. Go for Dresses

I know, I know, dresses aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. Hear me out, will you? They can be so forgiving, versatile, and comfortable! Dress ’em up, dress ’em down, gain or lose a few pounds and it will still fit!

Tip: Go for A-Line dress that pull over your head or wrap dresses. Sheath dresses that button or zip don’t always allow much room.

4. Prepare to Buy New Undies

When your waist shrinks, the boobs and booty will follow. You may have to get measured a time or two while you sweat away those inches.

Tip: This is the perfect time to cash in on sales, points, bucks, cash, or whatever your favorite store calls it where you get your lingerie from.

There you have it! Any tips you would like to add? Let everyone know in the comments!

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