My First Impressions of The Honey Pot Company’s Super Tampons and Overnight Pads

A woman’s relationship with her feminine care items is a tight-knit one. Once the right products are found, we hold on to them and they become a constant in our lives. Something we can always depend on. Until we can’t. Factors such as age, weight gain, and uterine fibroids can all impact our menstrual cycles from everything to how light or heavy our flow is to how long or short we mesntruate at all. With me gaining weight over the past few years, I chalked up my heavier flow to weight gain (Plot twist, it was fibroids). Because of this, I was back on the quest to find the perfect feminine items for me.

I had landed on wearing bulky super, extra long pads because they made me feel “secure” with my heavy flow, but they weren’t always comfotable. Plus, they still didn’t prevent leaks. I would still have to sit and sleep a certain way to avoid a crimson surprise. I knew tampons were an option, but they exacerbated by cramps, and I did not need those issues. So when this story broke, I decided to give another brand a try. I ended up reverting back to my bulky pads for a few months as they were sold out everywhere. Then I finally got my hands on Honey Pot!

Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored and all opinions are my own.

I ordered both the Honey Pot Company’s Overnight Pads and Super Tampons. I wanted to give tampons another try to see how they would treat my cramps and would use the pads for catching leaks and as a backup.

Both the pads and the tampons came in cute and compact packaging. Pads were 12 to a pack and tampons were 18. I ordered them ahead of my cycle, but low and behold, Ms. Rose came early. So for a day and a half I wore my tried and true, but “secure” bulky, super, extra- long overnight pads. When my Honey Pot package came, I tried the tampon while at home doing chores as a tester to see if I could make it at the office.

The super tampons claim to hold 9-12 ml of fluid. I was skeptical due to my flow, but went ahead tried it. It was in the late evening so I kept it in overnight as I slept and also wore the pad (which is light and not bulky, by the way) to bed. NOTE: I was aware I was wearing the tampon the max amount of recommended hours, which is 8. It is recommend to change out your tampon every 4 hours.

The tampon was easy to insert and had the traditional push up mechanism we are used to seeing. Once inserted, it was comfortable and I could not feel it. I slept comfortably and had tiny droplets on the pad as expected since I wore it overnight.

The next day for work, I tried the tampon alone. After about 4 hours, I changed and used the overnight pad to test it’s functionality. One gripe that I have, and it is not exclusive to the Honey Pot brand, is that many overnight and/or extra long pads I come across, especially in new brands have two sets of wings. I can’t speak for you ladies and your panties, but the symmetry doesn’t really align with mine. It is very awkward fitting as they don’t both wrap around the center. Maybe one longer wing on each side? Just a suggestion in case the good folks at the Honey Pot Company and other brands if they are reading this. The pad was thinner than was I used to but I went in trying to be as optimistic as possible.

After lunch, I changed into a freah pad to get the full experience with once since I had a full night and morning using the tampon. The double wings did not hold up, though I tried to be more careful with placement the next go round. I did feel the cooling mint effect that was advertised on the package. To be honest, I could take or leave it. I don’t wish to be “cool” down there. I did not have leaks! That’s the important part, right? Though leaks were likely because the wings did not stay attached. If I did leak, it would like be due to that and not lack of absorbancy. I saw no signs of bleed through on the napkin itself.

As the week went on and my flow gradually lightened, I resorted to using just the tampon. I slept in it again and have no leaks or other complications. I completed my week using the pads. All in all, I was satisfied with both products. So satisfied, I purchased back ups of both. I was especially impressed with the absorbancy of the tampons. As mentioned earlier, due to my cycle coming on early, I did not get to try the products on my heaviest day, which is the first day. I am curious to see how both the pad and tampon will hold up.

If you are interested in purchasing from the The Honey Pot Company, click here to check out their website and they are also available at Target.

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