Diva’s Quick Tips: Now is the Time to Thrift High Quality Items

Storytime. I started thifting in college because I was broke, yet I always seemed to be dping some type of presentation and needed to dress up. Goodwill’s $7 blazers became my staples. I kept up the habit after I walked across the stage because I found some of the highest quality pieces at the their store. Fur lined leather hats made in Italy, wool coats, and gold jewelry. I also worked retail on and off during college and discovered and industry secret!!

Now is the the time to head to your local thrift stores to scour out high quality pieces.

Why, you ask? During fourth quarter of the year retailers lighten their inventory because at they’ll have to pay taxes on their inventory levels. It is not uncommon for an entire rack of unworn garmets to be shipped off to the local Goodwill to be sold at a fraction of the retail price, tags and all.

Happy thrifting Divas and Gents!

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