Living with Fibroids: The Decision

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I arrived at my consultation with my mind already made up about how I wanted to proceed. I decided on a myomectomy, which is the surgical removal of the fibroids. I decided this over embolization due to the size and location of my fibroid (s). Before I diclosed my decision, I got the feedback from my physician, and luckily we were on the same page.

He mentioned again since I did not have kids, he wanted to preserve my fertility. I found this was a common conversation amongst OB/GYN’s and patients according to women I spoke with who had the procedure. I am on the fence on children and leaning towards the ‘no’ end. I have no plans to have any and that has been my mindset since I was about 25. I told him if it comes between my health and fertility, I choose my health. He reiterated that our minds change (I’ve heard that before) and he still wanted to do what he could to preserved my uterus. If I should change my mind, I would have to give birth via C-section since I would have been cut open once before.

I am well aware that with any procedure I chose, I know there is still a possibility that new fibroids can appear. I will likely have to make diet and lifestyle changes post-op. I eat fruits and veggies, but I also have indulgences in other good eats, and there isn’t always balance. I can also be more active and have a consistent routine beyond walking and light excercise. It is believed abdmoninal fat, or weight gain in general increases estrogen levels which makes women more suseptible to fibroid growth, and even stress (Source). There also may be a link between fibroids and the consumption of red meat, alcohol, and caffiene, though that data has not been conclusive (Source).

My decision to move forward with surgery meant surgery prep. Filling for time off from work, and actually finding time to fit it in my schedule. Since I am in grad school and did not want to miss a semester, I chose to get my procedure during my winter break. This means I’ll be recovering during the Christmas and New Years Holidays.

The step is to prep for the big day.

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