This is a deal at $2!

Maybelline Fast Gel Nail Lacquer in Sinful Stone.

I made a quick store run this past weekend and an end cap featuring these Maybelline polishes caught my attention. I saw the label and say that the label claimed it to be “fast” and I thought, “Hmmm, could this really work?” I tell myself for two bucks I can try it. I was pleasantly surprised. The polish really dried fast! Now, please ignore the minor smudges. I switched key fobs on my keychain after painting my nails like a genius.

I applied two coats, but I really could have settled with one. The color was opaque enough and the wide brush almost coated my nail in one stroke.

If you’re looking for a quick-drying drug-store polish, I would suggest this one. There are sixteen color options.

Shop the polish here. I am wearing the color Sinful Stone.