Tabitha Brown, America’s Favorite Mom, to Release Sunshine All Purpose Seasoning with McCormick

Tabitha Brown, or America’s Favorite mom as she is commonly called, has partnered with McCormick for a all purpose spice called Sunshine. It is an all purpose seasoning made with a blend of McCormick spices such as garlic and ginger with added flavors such as pineapple and mango.


Made with McCormick spices like garlic and ginger and the flavors of pineapple and mango, Sunshine Seasoning is great for dishes like shick’n (vegan shitake mushroom “chicken”) or homemade farro bowls with crispy chick peas. Trust us … the whole family is going to want a bite of this flavor! (McCormick)

Tabitha’s good friend and comedian Kevin of Kev on Stage announced the news with comedic flair on her Instagram page. Take a look.

Video Credit: Kevin of Kev on Stage , Tabitha Brown

If you read the comments below the video, then you can see that people are eager to buy one or a few bottles of Sunshine. If you’re interested as well, it will be released July 8 online only on McCormick’s website. Save the date!

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