How to Incorporate 3 Statement Glasses by Cynthia Rowley x Zenni Optical Into Your Wardrobe

I have been wearing corrective eyewear since I was five years old. Back in those days, I had a few select metal frames to choose from and they were expensive! As an active kids, keeping my frames in tact proved challenging. I never looked at them as a fashion accessory. Fast forward to college and a brief stint of wearing contacts and realizing I was too near sighted to keep up that routine, I reverted back to eyewear. I decided if I were going to have to wear eyeglasses for the rest of my adult life, I might as well make them interesting. I had heard of Zenni Optical for years before taking the plunge on a pair. It was just so unheard of to me to order frames online. Ever since then, I have been hooked and recommend the site to family and friends. I now own multiple frames.

Since I currently switch frames to match my ensemble, I often get comments from people that along the line of not knowing how to wear bold frames. Bold depends on your personal comfort level. Tame to me could be “out there” to someone else. I’ve chosen three frames from the Cynthia Rowley x Zenni collections and have provided tips on how to wear them.

  1. Dahlia
Brown Dahlia front-view
Image Credit: Zenni Optical

This deep mustard shade is perfect for the person who loves to wear jewel tones or vibrant summer shades. It you love to wear limes, watermelon reds, and crsip whites. It will also look beautiful against deep emeralds, wines, rubies and plums.

2. Azalea

Tortoiseshell Azalea front-view
Image Credit: Zenni Optical

Tortoise is safe everyday pattern that goes from work to evening. If you are someone who doesn’t change eyewear with your outfits but still want a statement, go with tortoise.

3. Rockrose

Brown Rockrose front-view
Image Credit: Zenni Optical

This pair is perfect for the person who likes a little edge. This studs remind me of the Valentino Rockstuds that were extremely popular a few years ago. Try this pair with a floral top and faux letter shorts or a skirts.

Shop the collection here.

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