Entertainment News: Tabitha Brown Announces Children’s Show, ‘TAB TIME”

Tabitha Brown, affectionately nicknamed “America’s Mom”, as she is known for her infectious positivity, and warm, southern spirit has taken her energy to television…again. This role is far from her guest role in the hit drama The Chi, but a children’s show aptly called “Tab Time.” Check out the trailer below.

Video Credit: Tabitha Brown’s YouTube

Show Description:

TAB TIME is a series for all kids – but geared towards preschoolers ages 3 to 5 and their parents – and it stars Tabitha Brown, an actress, vegan foodie, and mother who has become one of the most visible social media personalities today. Tabitha or “Ms. Tab” as the kids call her, taps into her natural capabilities as a cook, storyteller, mom, and motivational leader, to teach children how to live their best life. Through the lenses of kindness and confidence, TAB TIME will explore themes such as family, helping others, music, how things grow, and mistakes. Ms. Tab won’t shy away from the tough stuff while always keeping topics dynamic and fun!

On each episode of TAB TIME, Ms. Tab brings the kids along her journey to learn more about that episode’s truth, or theme. With an amazing medley of friends that include everyone from Lenny the Lightning Bug to her kitchen helpers Starla the Spatula and Burnie the Oven Mitt, Ms. Tab explores the theme and learns alongside the viewers. Each episode also promises a celebrity guest as a Super Cool Expert in Tab’s Lab and two children who join Ms. Tab and DJ Khrafty for craft time.

TAB TIME fosters a fun and inviting environment where kids are respected and encouraged to realize their own abilities and potential. The series is produced by Kids at Play, Scale Productions and Tabitha Brown.

TAB TIME airs on YouTube on December 1, 2021.

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