Fashion News: The Yusufs x Amazon The Drop

Amazon’s The Drop is a series of limited-edition collections curated by prominent fashion influencers. Diva Chronicles previously reported the announcements of collections by Blake Gifford of Signed, Blake (Who went on to release another collection and several re-releases as her collection was so popular,. And yes, I have pieces in my closet.), and Jenee’ of High Low Luxxe has released a collection as well (Yes, I shopped that one too!). Next up, dynamic fashion sister duo, Nasteha and Nuni of The Yusufs have announced their collaboration with The Drop.

Video Credit: The Yusufs

The pieces featured in the sneak peek video are not the full collection as it still has to be pared down, but you can see the themes and what type of pieces you will get in the final collection. AS it is a reflection of their personal styles, we can expect tailored trousers in classic multifunctional colors such as crispt white and chocolate, matching military-style jackets, oversized blazer vests, and dresses with interesting hemlines and cut-outs to add interest. As an added bonus a print shirt or dress will make the final cut. We will have to keep our eyes peeled for the final collection.

Nasteha and Nuni announce their collection is scheduled to be released in December, Amazon doesn’t announce the release dates far in advance, it is best to sign up for their text notifications. Based on past experiences, the date will be announced about a week and a half prior, and text notifications will go out when it is available to shop, which is normally around 11 a.m. EST. Don’t expect it to be after Christmas, so an estimated date could be no later than December 10, 2021.

Follow the Yusufs on their social media platforms and sign up for Amazon The Drop notifications if you plan to support the sisters and buy a few pieces.

Cover Image Credit: The Yusufs

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