Food and Drinks: Kev On Stage Announces New Food Show, “What’s Good?!” Plus Other Black Food Content Creators You Should Follow

It is no secret that the food of the Black diaspora is largely consumed ad associated with members of their respected demographics but it is rare for Black people to leave the box society has put them in and be seen as connoisseurs of cuisine across cultures.

Kevin “Kev” Fredericks said it has always been his dream to host a food travel show and he pitched his show to Hollywood and they wouldn’t take a chance on him. He decided to record on himself and air it on his own streaming service Kev on Stage Studios. That is the birth of “What’s Good?!”

Video Credit: Kev on Stage Studios

What’s Good?! will highlight black-owned restaurants and food tastemakers from around the country, and in true comedic fashion, Kev and his team will be there to deliver the laughs as they partake food and antics. What’s Good?! premieres on November 26 only on the Kev on Stage Studios streaming service. Until its a premiere, be sure to follow these black food content creators on Instagram. Please note, this list is not all inclusive.


Image Credit: @MuffanndMaalEats

Ran by brother and sister duo Jamaal “Mal” and Jamillia “Muff”, the well-traveled siblings highlight local eats along their journey.

Image Credit: @MuffanndMaalEats


Image Credit: @TheFoodNista

Symphony is a California based food blogger that shares her own cooked meals via her Stories and Reels as well as her favorite dishes across cultural cuisines.

Image Credit: @TheFoodNista


Image Credit:@CheletheFoodSnob

Chele is a Chicago based food blogger that takes her followers with her to the hottest spots in the Chicagoland area across various price points.

Image Credit: :@CheletheFoodSnob


Image Credit: @chefkolbykash

Kolby is known for putting his Lousiana and Texas influences into his dishes with his friend Rob there to confirm his dishes are as delicious as they look. Coming off of a win of Bravo’s Top Chef Amateurs, Kolby is definitely one to watch.

Image Credit: @chefkolbykash


Image Credit: @DacyDash

Dacy is a food blogger and entrepreneur with her own line of seasonings and cookware under her Dear Dacy product line. Her recipes go viral and her seasonings constantly sell out shortly after they are posted for sale. Click to join her squad to get in on her most popular dishes and snag some Dash of Dacy seasonings!

Image Credit: @DacyDash


Image Credit: @StoveTopKisses

What do you get when you combine a southern woman raised in both the church and her father’s juke joint? Danni Rose of Stove Top Kisses sharing her “sopped up” food and drink recipes. She is also a cookbook author, so snag her e-cookbooks to share her meals with your family and friends.

Image Credit: @StoveTopKisses


Image Credit: @Gabrielle_Eitienne

Gabrielle E.W. Carter recently gained popularity after her appearance in the Netflix hit, High on the Hog. She moved from the big city of New York City where she was pursuing fashion design to return home to North Carolina to help tend to her family’s farm. Gabrielle is an advocate for black and indigenous farmers, food preservation, and preserving history through food and storytelling. She also has a CSA called Tall Grass Food Box that sells the produce grown North Carolina farmers to members of the community.

Image Credit: @Gabrielle_Eitienne

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