Fashion News: Brandon Blackwood Salvator Collection

Brandon Blackwood has quickly become a favorite amongst the handbag community. The young Black designer hit many of our radars when Kim featured his End Systemic Racism “ESR” on her Instagram during the pandemic. Since, then he has has several releases with all of them selling out. Brandon gas announced another upcoming drop: The Salvator Collection.

Image Credit: Brandon Blackwood

The 6-piece collection is made of Salvator lizard material and from what has been posted, will come in the Cara, Arlen, Kuei, and the Bamboo B tote. The other two styles remain to be seen.

Image Credit: Brandon Blackwood

The collection will be limited edition as with it being handmade of special materials, so expect a higher price point than what we’ve seen with his usual bags.

There is no advertised release date, so if you’re interested, sign up to the mailing list or turn on your post notifications.

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