Product Highlight: Denim Yoyo Mule by Nine West

Image Credit: Nine West

Denim is back! Not as in denim jeans and jackets, but accessories too. Denim corsets, handbags, and shoes are making waves this season. Enter the Yoyo mule by Nine West. The mule encompasses a few trends seamlessly in one. First, the mule style itself that we’ve been seeing for several seasons thanks to the Bottega mules 2. Speaking of Bottega, the style is reminiscent of the luxury brand’s coveted mules in the square toe, the weaving of the patchwork denim, and the curved heel, and 3. The patchwork denim on the toebox incorporates different washes of denim which adds interest and increases the shoes wearability.

Image Credit: Nine West
Image Credit: Nine West

The perfect pairing with this shoe would be the Brandon Blackwood denim Kuei in medium.

Image Credit: Brandon Blackwood

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