Food & Drinks: Brandy is the New Face of Stella Rosa Brandy

Singer and actress, Brandy, is the new face of brandy! How fitting! She announced the new partnership via her Instagram. Keep reading to learn more.


“Introducing Stella Rosa®Brandy, a collection of hand-crafted premium fruit-flavored brandy. Made from high quality grapes grown in Northern Italy, Stella Rosa® Brandy has a bold character yet sweet and sexy profile. A smooth and refreshing moment waits to be discovered” (Stella Rosa).

The Italian imported brandy is featured in three flavors, Smooth Black, Honey Peach, and Tropical Passion.

Smooth Black Profile:

Image Credit: Stella Rosa

“Stella Rosa® Smooth Black, bursting with rich flavors of blueberry, blackberry, and raspberry, Stella Rosa® Smooth Black Brandy exudes elegance and sophistication”(Stella Rosa).

Honey Peach Profile:

Image Credit: Stella Rosa

“Made with juicy ripe peaches and sweet honey, Stella Rosa®Honey Peach Brandy is sweet, fun, and just the thing for playful palates”(Stella Rosa).

Tropical Passion Profile:

Image Credit: Stella Rosa

Fall blissfully into tropical paradise with Stella Rosa®Tropical Passion Brandy. Passion fruit, mango, and pineapple create the perfect blend for a dreamy tasting experience.”(Stella Rosa)

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