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Product Highlight: Denim Yoyo Mule by Nine West

Image Credit: Nine West

Denim is back! Not as in denim jeans and jackets, but accessories too. Denim corsets, handbags, and shoes are making waves this season. Enter the Yoyo mule by Nine West. The mule encompasses a few trends seamlessly in one. First, the mule style itself that we’ve been seeing for several seasons thanks to the Bottega mules 2. Speaking of Bottega, the style is reminiscent of the luxury brand’s coveted mules in the square toe, the weaving of the patchwork denim, and the curved heel, and 3. The patchwork denim on the toebox incorporates different washes of denim which adds interest and increases the shoes wearability.

Image Credit: Nine West
Image Credit: Nine West

The perfect pairing with this shoe would be the Brandon Blackwood denim Kuei in medium.

Image Credit: Brandon Blackwood

Beauty News: 711 Launches Coffee Scrub

Imagine running to the local 711 for a coffee…scrub. Yes, 711 claims their coffee is so good that they’ve packaged it up and are selling a scrub made from their house grounds for only $1. The exfoliant will be sold exclusively at Adore Beauty, an Australian based beauty conglomerate. What do you think? Willing to try a 711 coffee scrub?

Image Credit: Adore Beauty

4 Upcoming Product Launches You Need to Have on Your Radar

Spring has officially begins and so have the product launches! Diva Chronicles is an advocate of supporting and shopping small businesses, especially Black or minority and/or woman owned businesses. Some of these brands have been reported here before and one is new. They all have their cult followings, so if you see anything you like, set your alarms and get ready!

1. @Glamaholic Lifestyle

Image Credit: @Glamaholic Lifestyle
Image Credit: @Glamaholic Lifestyle

Loyal supporters have been keep tabs on when Mia Ray, Glamaholic’s owner and founder, will release her signature “G” scarves and new wallet on a chain (WOC) purses. Well she announced that day is March 25, yes this Friday, so now they both can be yours! The launch happens at 3 pm EST so set your alarms and have your page ready to checkout if interested. Yes, it is that serious over there in Glamaholic land.

2. @BrandonBlackwood

Image Credit: @BrandonBlackwood

Speaking of launches customers take seriously, is a Brandon Blackwood launch. He made a mark with his now discontinued ESR bags, but Brandon wants to remind all he is here to stay. On April 8, 2022 at 12 pm, EST, not only will the metallic Kuei bags return, but new styles will launch. In personally have my eye on that new top handle pea green beauty.

3. @HouseofRehab

Known for their “Everything” and “Almost Everything” bags, embossed with “Fashion Made Me Do It” on the front, House of Rehab has announced the re-release of their metallic Almost Everything bags in metallic silver and pink. I personally missed on the metallic drop last time and will now miss out in late April when they are re-released. No specific release date has been announced yet, follow the brand closely for more details.

Image Credit: @HouseofRehab

4. @NLtheLabel

Nichole Lunch Box bags are a hit! While it is offered in black, denim, pink, the “diamond” and pink styles will be shipped out March 25- April 25, 2022 and May 5-30, 2022, respectively. The Lunch Box bag offers a different style from your everyday tote bag and is bound to stand out.

Image Credit: @NLtheLabel
Image Credit: @NLtheLabel

Diva’s Deal Report: These Mules Are the Perfect Brown Girl Nude

I’m sure we know by now the word “nude” represents a spectrum and is not beige, right? If you are on the darker brown end of the nude spectrum, a nude shoes isn’t as easy to find. They are more accessible as before, but still not as plentiful. So with that being said, when you see your shade of cocoa brown nude, you must jump of it! I headed to the mall to get some staples for spring and summer and while I had no intentions to get anything from Forever 21, I couldn’t leave these in the store. Dress them up or dress them down with shorts, the opportunities are endless. They also come in black (which I also got) and white.

Price: $24.99

Where: Forever 21

NL the Label’s SS 2022 Pink Collection

Think pink! Also, think feathers, sequins, and lewks because that is what the Spring/Summer ’22 collection from NL the Label is giving. Check out the collection below and click the link if anything strikes your fancy!

  1. Pretty Bird Feather Trim Hoodie

2. Dipped in Love Jumpsuit

3. Pop the Top Bucket Hat

4. Showin’ Out Sequin Trench Coat

Here’s Why Bath and Body Works Missed the Mark with Their Black History Month Collection

Many retail outlets are showing their support for Black culture and history this Black History Month. One of those outlets is Bath and Body Works. The retailer has a cult following who lines up for hours to grab their candles and wall flowers when they have their big yearly sales. This year, BBW released a limited edition collection in honor or Black History Month as well as made donations to the National Urban League and the Columbus Urban League.

Image Credit: Bath and Body Works

Social media was in an uproar over the roll out. The packaging was said to be inspired by “handmade African mud cloth designs,”but no mention of what country, tribe, or the meaning of said designs. Also, they simply repackaged their signature scents and did not create new ones for collection. It gives very much “ How can we spend the least amount of money, show our “allyship”, while also making the most profit?”

While, Black designers for the packaging, here is how Bath and Body Works really could taken it a step further and made an bigger impact.

1. Collaborate with Black Candle Makers

Black candle makers are making waves in the streets. From Lit Bklyn, Harlem Candle Company, Forvr Mood, The Black Home, to name a few of many. Curating a limited edition collection and shining a light on a Black owned business by giving them shelf space for the month would have been well received.

2. Create New Scents

The body spray entitled “Empowered” is teakwood scented. Teakwood originates from Asia, not Africa. Next up is the coconut sandalwood “Unity” candle. While there are Black people in the diaspora from Caribbean nations where coconuts are plentiful, it doesn’t match the African themed packaging. In addition, sandalwood fragrance originates from India.

Image Credit: Bath and Body Works
Image Credit: Bath and Body Works

Absolutely_Arii wrote an amazing breakdown on the fragrances profiles they could have used:

3. Honor Actual Historical Figures

Trendy phrases like “unity” and “empowered” sound nice, but they don’t put a face to those who spent their lives fighting for Black people to be united and empowered. It takes away the profound impact the month can really have on one’s educational experience.

Companies who have never acknowledged Black history or culture have begun to do so within the last two years. In doing so, many did not hit the mark and I hope they are open to constructive criticism. To those within the Black community who think “we should just be happy” to be acknowledged, bare minimum is never enough. Our history is just as rich as any others and it deserves the respect of time and commitment to get it right. That means acknowledging your shorting and hiring consultants, partnering with creatives and small businesses. Cutting corners just to say you did something is not showing allyship nor respect for our culture.

Bath and Body Works missed the mark with this one, but next year (let’s see if they even try again) I hope they do better after receiving their community’s feedback.

Fashion News: Fashion Icon, Andre Leon Talley, Passes Away at 73

Andre Leon Talley, a prolific force in fashion and trailblazer, has passed away at the age of 73. He is best known for his role as the former Editor-at-Large at Vogue, often serving as confident and consultant to longtime Editor-in-Chief, Anna Wintour. As tall man, standing 6’6”, he was known for wearing long and luxurious flowing, often custom made m, capes and coats. He was friends with established designers such as Yves Saint Laurent and Karl Lagerfeld but also looked for and nurtured up and coming designers. Andre Leon Talley’s reach on the fashion industry spread wide and he will surely be missed.

DC Kids: Mattel Announces Launch of the Ida B. Wells Barbie

Image Credit: Barbie

Barbie has announced that the latest Barbie in their Inspiriting Women series is Ida B. Wells. Born into slavery in 1862, and would later spend her years as a free woman renowned journalist, suffragist, and activist. She risked her safety writing newspaper articles and traveling to give speeches highlighting the injustices faced by Black people. Wells founded several organizations such as the National Associate for Colored Women and co-founded what would later become the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), and the Alpha Suffrage Club based in Chicago (National Park Service).

Image Credit: Barbie

Ida. B Wells was born into slavery and would later become a renowned journalist, suffragist, and activists.

Image Credit: Barbie

Fun Fact: Ida B. Wells’s home in Chicago is considered a historic landmark. Unfortunately, it is not open to the public as it is a private residence.

Ida B. Wells Barbie will be available in retailers on January 17, 2022.

Fashion News: Brandon Blackwood Salvator Collection

Brandon Blackwood has quickly become a favorite amongst the handbag community. The young Black designer hit many of our radars when Kim featured his End Systemic Racism “ESR” on her Instagram during the pandemic. Since, then he has has several releases with all of them selling out. Brandon gas announced another upcoming drop: The Salvator Collection.

Image Credit: Brandon Blackwood

The 6-piece collection is made of Salvator lizard material and from what has been posted, will come in the Cara, Arlen, Kuei, and the Bamboo B tote. The other two styles remain to be seen.

Image Credit: Brandon Blackwood

The collection will be limited edition as with it being handmade of special materials, so expect a higher price point than what we’ve seen with his usual bags.

There is no advertised release date, so if you’re interested, sign up to the mailing list or turn on your post notifications.