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Diva’s Quick Tips For: Detoxing After the Holidays

Between Thanksgiving and Christmas, there was been about a month of festive eating. Families get together and eat traditional cultural dishes that aren’t usually a part of their everyday diet. These foods tends to be heavier and richer than the normal day to cuisine. Then those foods get modified into leftovers and we still end up eating them. So you may be wondering how to get back on track. Here are a few quick tips on how to detox and get back on track after the holidays.

1. Drink Water

Drinking water has likely been pushed aside in favor of wine and boozy holiday drinks, but it is one of the easiest ways to start your detox. Water fuels us all the way down to the cellar level, and it also flushes out impurities. Think about it, while we are sleep, we are going hours without drinking water. Be sure to hydrate when you wake up and before bed. However, be sure to drink water as you are running around throughout the day.

2. Get Adequate Rest

Sleep gives your body time to recharge and replenish. With family and friends in town, finishing up last minute details at work, and staying up late wrapping gifts, sleep suffers. Getting back into your sleep routine keeps your immune system strong. Cytokines are proteins that are released when you are sleep. When you have an infection or inflammation, they are also released. Less sleep means less cytokines, and less cytokines means less defense against pathogens.

3. Work it Out

An walk after dinner or a good sweat session is good way to burn calories and release toxins.

4. Eat Fruits and Veggies

Eating dark green leafy vegetables and fruits high in antioxidants can help flush out your system. Lean towards fruits and vegetables such as kale, broccoli, spinach, collards, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, and grapes.

Diva’s Quick Tips For: Using Planners to Get Organized!

As we wind down for 2018 and get amped up for 2019, many of us are planning (did you catch that?) out our new year. Calendars and planners or combinations of both have gained in popularity over the past few yeats. There are kits and even Etsy shops dedicated to the planner in you. If you were on the fence about being about that #plannerlife, below are some quick tips to show how they can help you get organized!

photo of planner and writing materials

“Carrying around a planner that easily fits in my purse helps me keep track of my day-to-day tasks.”

-Joslyn, Diva Chronicles Founder and Diva-in-Chief

1. Writing Helps You Remember

Writing down major projects, appointments, and meetings will help you remember them better. Even if you don’t remember specifics, dates will ring a bell and prompt you to check your availability.

2. It Helps You Plan for the Future

When you see your week at a glance, you will be able to see if you can squeeze in last minute cocktails with the girls.

3. You’ll Be Less Stressed

Whether it’s a jammed packed or a light day, week, or month knowing what’s ahead in advance will take a little weight off your shoulders, even if working long hours for that promotion or your new company adds more.