Places to Try: Krab Hut

Kiki with friends at the newest seafood spot on the southside of Atlanta! Krab Hut sure will satisfy any seafood cravings! What to get?? Order any number of their specials, get an oyster and/or calamari basket to share. Make sure you get the BoomBoom sauce for dipping. It has a kick too! Wash it all down with the signature Krab Punch cocktail! The atmosphere is … Continue reading Places to Try: Krab Hut

Try These Pizza Recipes This Weekend

We finally made it to the weekend! If your week leading to today has been a whirlwind like mine, then I will not judge you for not wanted to cook a healthy dinner, or not cook at all. Some days call for comfort food, and what is more comforting than pizza? If you want to add variety to your pie, try these mouth-watering pizza recipes … Continue reading Try These Pizza Recipes This Weekend